Ulta Eyeliner Review (Automatic, Kohl, and Smokey) 1

Ulta Eyeliners: My thoughts on the automatic, kohl, and smokey liners.

Ulta Eyeliner and Eyeshadows

In my experience, Ulta products tend to be a little hit or miss… I do, however, enjoy these eye liners! I own 4 of them, 3 of which, are different types.

Ulta Eyeliner Review

The first liner I have is the “Smokey Eyes Automatic Eye Liner” in the color Cobalt. This one comes with a little “smudger” sponge at the end, as well as a tiny sharpener, so you can keep the tip nice and pointy.

The liner is nice, but it is actually my least favorite of the 4 that I own. It is not quite as creamy as the others… it tends to be a little dry, and is not as easy to blend. With that said, it does wear for a long time, and I absolutely love the color. You might consider picking this one up on sale (Ulta ALWAYS has sales on their products.)

This one reminds me of the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeliners that I also have a post about.

Ulta Eyeliner: Smokey Automatic in Cobalt

Next up is the “Kohl Eye Liner” in the color Halo. This is a beautiful, white, pearly highlighter pencil… I’d recommend using it in your lower water line to open and brighten your eyes, in your inner tear duct area, or blended under your brow bone.

This pencil is nice and creamy (as kohls usually are) and easy to blend. This one is the only one out of the group that you do need to sharpen… it isn’t automatic… which doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t mind sharpening. Definitely pick this one up if you catch it on sale. : )

Ulta Eyeliner: Kohl Eyeliner in Halo

I am bummed that these next two photos are not as clear (I still have much to learn about photography, and a long way to go to improve my “skills”!!) because these two are absolutely gorgeous, and are my favorites out of all of my liners.

This one is the “Automatic Eye Liner” that claims to be long-lasting and waterproof. I am not sure about the waterproof claim, but it certainly is long-lasting. The color is Olive, which is a lovely green shade with subtle golden and light green shimmer. It just screams “Hello fall!” This is super pretty, creamy, and easy to blend. Grab this one!

Ulta Eyeliner: Automatic Eyeliner in Olive

The last one is another “Automatic Eye Liner” in the shade Teal Blue. This pencil is also beautiful…! It wears well just like the other one, and I love it just the same. This is an easy way to add a pop of color to your eye look and I think it would compliment any eye shade.

As with the last one, I would definitely say: “Go for it!!”

Ulta Eyeliner: Automatic Eyeliner in Teal Blue

Overall, I’d say that the first two liners are nice, and the last two are must-haves. If you wait for a sale, you can grab these for only a couple of dollars, and you’ll be glad that you did. : )

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Have you tried any Ulta Eyeliners? What are your favorite liners?

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