My Current Top Five

My Current Top Five

I thought it might be fun to occasionally share some random things that I am currently enjoying. There is no rhyme or reason to this list… these are just items that I’ve been using and enjoying over the past couple of weeks. :) Perhaps any of these might be among your favorites as well? 


My Current Top Five 

One: Skinny Girl Liquid Stevia 

For a special treat, I like to get a skinny latte from our local coffee shop. I order it plain, hot or cold, and add my own natural sweetener. This little guy stays in my purse or in the car, and because it’s a liquid, it mixes easily into my drink, no matter the temperature. Just make sure you use a little at a time, because this stuff is potent! 

My Current Top Five- One: Skinny Girl Liquid Stevia


Two: Burt’s Bees Candles 

More specifically, I like the Lavender Fields and Birch Bark scents. The candles come in several different sizes and are reasonably priced. As far as I’m concerned, the scent of lavender has the potential to be absolutely lovely… as well as repulsive. This one is perfect, it smells light, fresh, and herbal. I think for those of us who get headaches easily, this is an excellent scent… it is very soothing. The Birch Bark scent comes off a bit masculine. I love the smokey, woodsy scent for any time of year… it’s like a chic campfire. 

My Current Top Five- Two: Burt's Bees Candles


Three: Hand-Held Vacuum

I’ve never owned a hand-held, cordless vacuum before, and this favorite is based more on the concept than this one in particular. I bought the cheapest possible one I could find… and while I wouldn’t recommend this one specifically, I would recommend having one of these fantastic devices on hand! Since I purchased it, I’ve used it frequently for jobs like taking care of spills and crumbs in the kitchen and sucking up the hair that falls to the bathroom floor each morning when I’ve finished styling it for the day. ;) It’s easy and quick and helps me keep my home clean. Love. 

My Current Top Five- Three: Hand-Held Vacuum


Four: Lonely Planet Guide Books 

We’re planning a trip to Iceland this summer, so we bought this book to take with us on our adventure, as well as to help us plan in advance. I found this so helpful that I grabbed the Pacific Northwest Version as well. Now, I am from the Washington northwest, but I still find this book valuable. We used it this past weekend during our foray to the Washington peninsula to find a place to camp, enjoy a couple of local restaurants, and follow the road maps. These books mention activities in each area, local information, and any festivities or holidays. So much fun! 

My Current Top Five-Four: Lonely Planet Guide Books


Five: Storm Trooper Tank

Clearly I don’t have to tell you how cool this shirt is. You can see for yourself. I bought it used off of an app called “Depop”, which is essentially an online consignment shop. I’ve been wearing it like crazy since I got it. :) 


My Current Top Five- Five: Storm Trooper Tank

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What are some of your favorite odds and ends right now? Please share! 

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