Top Five Face Products

Top Five Face Products

My Current Top Five Face Products

You know I have to say current, because this list is frequently changing and updating as I try new products. These are the ones that I am seriously loving at the time… some pretty, glowy and neutral blushes, a light pink highlight, and two bronzing powders. Most of these are drugstore brands, so you can continue to be a bargain beauty. ;)

Top Five Face Products

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush Rose Champagne 

This first blush is one of the newly reformatted Wet n Wild blushes. I believe this shade is new as well. This is a pretty peachy, neutral toned blush with a bit of shimmer. This one is a great blush to pop on for spring or summer. I love it because it’s pretty and I don’t have to think too much about it. I think it would flatter most skin tones, though it might be too light for ladies with darker complexions. 

  • Price: $3-4 
  • Availability: drugstores, Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc. 


Top Five Face Products

Milani Powder Blush Romantic Rose

This is a great matte option for spring. Sometimes I specifically want a matte blush, though most of the time, I add a shimmery blush or highlight on top, like the next product I’m going to mention. This blush is kind of a nude mauve shade that pairs well with just about any color combination. Plus… look how pretty it is! 

  • Price: $7-8
  • Availability: select drugstores, Walmart, Fred Meyer


Top Five Face Products

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer

This is such a pretty, peachy, glowy blush/highlight. It’s more of a blush for those of us with fair skin, and more of a highlight for those with deeper skin tones. I like to use this to top matte or cream blushes. Sometimes I use this alone for more subtle color on the cheeks. It’s a lot more shimmery in person than in the photo, so you know, but the tone is very accurate. This one is a bit more pricey, so I recommend patiently waiting for The Balm to make another appearance on Hautelook, so you can pick it up for %40 off. :) 

  • Price: $24
  • Availability: The Balm website, select Kohl’s


Top Five Face Products

The Balm Desert 

This one is technically a bronzer, but I tend to use it more as a blush as it has a hint of rose to it. I like to apply it as a blush, but a little lower, more like a contour shade. It’s super pretty paired with The Balm ___ that I just mentioned! If you’re wanting to dust this all over the face like a traditional bronzer, use it very sparingly as it is super pigmented. 

  • Price: $21
  • Availability: The Balm website, select Kohl’s


Top Five Face Products

NYX HD Blush Taupe

As you can see in the photo, this product doesn’t swatch very well… but it goes on evenly! It just goes to show that you can’t always trust the swatches of face products. I like to use this “blush” as a contour shade when I’m using cool-toned makeup and blush. The color is just cool enough to look a bit more like a shadow… but not too cool that it looks off or weird. ;) I have a full review of this product here

  • Price: $6-7
  • Availability: Ulta, select drugstores, Fred Meyers 


Here are all of the products swatched side by side, so you can see how they compare. (You can really see those beautiful rosy undertones in The Balm bronzer compared to the NYX blush!)

Top Five Face Products

What are some of your current favorite face products? Please share!

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