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Blush Facts:

  • available at Sephora, Ulta, and Tarte.com
  • 5.6 grams/.20 oz. of product
  • $26.00


I got this first blush, which is actually a mini-size, in a Christmas gift set from Sephora. It is a beautiful peachy color with golden glitter and shimmer. This one is my least favorite of the three I own because of the glitter. I love shimmer in blushes, but I just don’t really like the big chunks of glitter. Not so natural… haha. I do find that I can tap most of the glitter particles off my brush before I can apply… but I’d rather just enjoy the color without thinking about it.





This is the one blush that didn’t come in a set, and I paid the full price for it. I do not regret it! I saw SO MANY reviews about how beautiful this blush is, so I knew I was willing to fork over the money for it.  Yes, it looks totally boring and mediocre in the pan… but it is absolutely beautiful and natural on the cheeks. This is my go-to color when I’m just not sure what I want to wear. It goes with everything. LOVE.





I got this in a little set from Ulta over Christmas. (I love Christmas gift sets!!!) It came with a cream shadow too, I believe.

This blush is amazingly pigmented!!! It is definitely a unique color and worth the price tag. It is, however, a bit difficult to apply because it is SO pigmented. Seriously, you’ll see in the swatch below… craziness.  I would suggest using a duo-fiber brush that doesn’t pick up too much product, a light touch, and tapping off the excess product. Then, blend, blend, blend!!! The work is definitely worth it, as you’ll be left with beautifully flushed (huh, guess they named this one well ;) cheeks. You’ll look like you just came in after some time out in the cold. : )




On my wishlist: These colors look beautiful!

Blushing Bride- a plumb-rose shade


Natural Beauty- a red-ish shade


Tipsy- a gorgeous poppy coral


Have you tried any of these blushes? Do you think they are worth the money?

Thanks for reading!


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