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Ok… So I am going to grow out my hair. But, this time I really mean it! I realize I’ve said this at least 5 times in the past, but this time is for real. I typically go through this hairstyle cycle… chop it all off, then start growing it out…. then chop it all off again. I’m torn because I love super short, chic haircuts, but I think long healthy-looking, curly hair is beautiful.

I told my husband that under no circumstances am I allowed to cut my hair. (I always do it on a whim, and fortunately, I have yet to get a bad haircut, so I see no reason to change my methods.) I think perhaps if I try to document my hair growth on my blog, it will be a form of accountability for me. Silly? Perhaps… but hopefully it will be useful. ;)

I’ve seen many “tricks” to growing out your hair faster… I am sure they don’t work, but maybe I’ll test them out for the sake of my “hair grown documentation.” You never know what could help, I suppose.

I started a board on my pinterest for inspiration: http://pinterest.com/jesslaanderson/hair-inspiration/

Ok, so I am going to post a photo of how my hair looks now, so we have a starting length to compare. I must warn you though…! My hair is growing out from a faux hawk pixi cut…. so the style is odd-looking.

Fall 2012 - faux hawk pixi cut

Exhibit A: faux hawk pixi cut


I want to get it a little longer so I can go in and get it cut into a different style that will look better while I try to grow it out. Haha… anyways, there is your little warning. (I mostly wear it in up-dos these days. ; )

the longest layers reach just to the top of my shoulders

the longest layers reach just to the top of my shoulders

left side

left side

right side

right side

crazy bangs... when stretched, the longest layers reach my bottom lip

crazy bangs… when stretched, the longest layers reach my bottom lip

Alright, there you have it. My hair in all of its un-glory. It can only get better from here, yes? : )

I’ll post again for another update!

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