Quick Hobby Lobby Haul 2

I wanted to jump on here quickly to share with you my love for Hobby Lobby. Seriously, I could spend many a happy hour… and dollar in that sweet, sweet store. Anyway, on to the goods! 

Hobby Lobby Haul

I’ve been wanting a fairly decent sized basket to keep next my night stand in the bedroom. I like to have the top of my stand clear, so I needed a place to put those items that need a home. I like them to be a bit out of sight, but still easily accessible. I was happy to find this one that doesn’t lean to country… with the paint-dipped bottom, I think it still looks modern. Love it!


Hobby Lobby Haul

I saw this sign on an end-cap, and it made me smile. I’ve been looking to replace the winter wreath on our front door since it is now spring… I wanted something sleek and season-less, and I found that in this sign! It’s a bit heavy, so I’m going to add some felt padding to the back to provide a cushion.  


Hobby Lobby Haul

Check it out on our front door! Do you feel welcome? Come on over! :) 


Hobby Lobby Haul

I grabbed this fun little geometric wall-hanging on my way to checkout stand. It adds a fun touch and dimension to our gallery wall. I still need to fuss with it  a bit to see where it looks best amidst our photographs and other art work. I also, clearly, need to switch the white tack with a tiny nail! 


Hobby Lobby Haul

I’m still considering hanging this sign on a wall, but I’m also enjoying where it is on our shelves. Does anyone else change up and move their decor pieces around periodically? I just cannot help it… it’s too much fun to try different groupings and combinations. What if I moved this lamp over there? And switched these two chairs and moved that rug? You know how it is… right? 


Hobby Lobby Haul     Hobby Lobby Haul

These two items are on my wishlist. They are currently not on sale… so I shall wait until they are, and pick them up for half the price! The marble vase will add a modern touch to any bouquet of flowers… and anyone who knows me knows that my love for white marble is REAL. And how fun is that gold-tipped, potted succulent? So chic! It will look great on one of our shelves. 


Do you enjoy Hobby Lobby as much as I do?? Please share! 

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