Planting Seeds 3

I have never had my own garden before, but I’ve always aspired to. I love the idea of being as self-sufficient as possible, and I also love the idea of saving money!

This garden is a gamble for me, as one who has never attempted to grow anything. I have not a single green digit on my hand, and I have often killed potted plants that have been gifted to me. (Not on purpose, mind you!) And yet, I am determined to make these veggies and herbs grow!



My fingers are crossed… I hope this works! If not, I suppose there is always next year. ; )


I made little “pots” out of newspaper, since they are biodegradable. I got the idea off of pinterest. (Three cheers for pinterest!)

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  • aregularcupofjo

    I just recently started growing a lemon seed and it is going great. It is a tiny green sprout right now but I am proud of it. I love all the tips you show to start a garden :) I will definitely have to look into this and hopefully expand my hobby into a garden. Thanks for sharing :)