My Top 3 Travel Makeup Brushes

My Top 3 Travel Makeup Brushes

Here they are, my go-to makeup brushes for travel. This is My Top 3 Travel Makeup Brushes list… these aren’t only my favorites, but they are, in fact, the only brushes I need. At least I’ve simplified this specific category included in my packing… I’m still working on down-sizing the clothes, shoes, and skin care that I feel the need to bring along. ;) 

Eco Tools is my favorite brand for brushes and beauty tools. Period. (E.L.F. is a close second, but that can be a separate post at a later date, if you’re interested.) The brushes are very well made and soft. They stand up over plenty of washing and sanitizing. They’re made out of recycled materials and are synthetic, so they work well with both powder products and liquid or cream products.  Yes. These brushes are winners! 

Product Details:

  • Available to be purchased at Target, Ulta, Walmart, and on several websites online, like or
  • Very inexpensive, ranging from $4 to $6, and a bit more for larger sets of brushes
  • Brushes come in many different sets and some are available individually 

My Top 3 Travel Makeup Brushes

Eye Brushes

I bring these two brushes for eye makeup. I’m cheating a bit, but only a little, because these babies are double-ended! Why bring four when you can bring two?! With a crease brush, a flat shader brush, an angled liner or brow brush, and a smudger brush, I’m all set. I’ve created natural, simple looks with these brushes… but I’ve also created dark smokey looks and colorful looks. 

My Top 3 Travel Makeup Brushes

Face Brush

For my face, I bring a sponge (the one by Real Techniques, or several disposable ones) and this brush! I love that it’s retractable, so I don’t have to worry about the bristles getting damaged or smashed. This is a great one to toss in your purse for a powder touch-up throughout the day (yes, you oily-skinned ladies out there understand that the struggle is real). I use this brush for powder, bronzer, blush, and even highlighter. I realize that most people probably don’t travel with all of those products… but if you do, you can use this brush for all of them. 


There you have it. Packing and traveling made simple with only three makeup brushes. 

What are your favorite brushes and tools to travel with? 

my rating 5.5

jessica @ frosting&facials

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