Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites 7

Multi-Use Makeup Products

Multi-Use Makeup Products: check out my favorites


Every once in a while, I’ll be experimenting with a product, and I’ll discover another/new use for it. I love the idea of using one product for multiple things. This can really simplify the process of getting ready in the morning, and can also cut down on space when you travel. Plus, it’s just fun to come up with unique ways (that really work!) to use a product. 


1. e.l.f. Baked Shadow in “Toasted” 

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites

1st use: As an eye shadow color… this is beautiful on the lid, with a matte, deeper brown in the crease. Sometimes, I just use it alone on my eyes for a pretty wash of rose gold. 

2nd use: As a face highlighter… One morning I was just messing around, and I decided to add this shadow to my cheekbones as a highlight… and I LOVED it! I’ve been wearing this often for a different, rose gold sheen on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of my nose. 

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites


2.  Amazing Cosmetics Blush in “Cinnamon Spice” 

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites

1st use: Obviously, the most common use for this product is a cheek color. I love the red, metallic color of this blush. It definitely makes a statement, and should probably be worn with more neutral eyes and lips. This is just gorgeous for this time of year. 

2nd use: As an eye shadow… this is a beautiful cranberry shade that pairs well with chocolate brown, or gold, or even silver. Talk about your perfect Christmas combinations! It’s nice and pigmented, so it’s easy to apply and blend. 

3rd use: As a lip color… since this is a red shade, it also works nicely on the lips. It’s a very creamy blush, so it doesn’t look powdery (gross). I would suggest layering a lip balm with this product, because it can tend to by drying. 

**Allow me to give you a small word of advice… although this product can be used for the three purposes I mentioned above, I would not recommend that you utilize all of those purposes at once. As you can see in the photo below, red on your eyes, lips, and cheeks is a bit much. It’s just… a whole lotta red. I would keep it to one area, two tops, of the face for the most flattering look. :) 

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites


3. Cream Blush

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites

*Yes, this one is pretty obvious, but in case you haven’t thought of it, I decided to mention it anyways. :) Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the look of matching, or coordinating, my lips and cheeks. 

1st use: As a cream blush… cream products are wonderful for the face during these cold, dry months. These can be worn alone, or layered under a powder blush for longer staying power. 

2nd use: Because these are cream products, they can also be used on the lips! I would suggest layering these with a lip balm or a gloss to hydrate your lips and give them more of a glossy finish. :) 

 Clinique “Rosy Blush”:

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites

 e.l.f. “Showstopper”:

Multi-Use Makeup Products: My Current Favorites


Do you use any products for multiple purposes? Please share!!

What have you tried? What would you like to try?

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