Milani Shadow Eyez Swatches 2

Milani Shadow Eyez (from the Dollar Tree!!) 12 hr wear eye shadow

 Milani Shadow Eyez

These pencils claim to be: highly pigmented, long-lasting, and water resistant… and the claims are all right! I have them in three finishes: metallic, pearl, and matte. 

At The Dollar Tree, these pretty babies are $1 each!

Milani Shadow Eyez

Colors from top to bottom: 12 Golden Bronze  (metallic), 11 Sand Dunes (metallic), 08 Espresso Line (matte), 17 Plum Amour (pearl), 06 Royal Purple (pearl, but it looks matte), 05 Aquatic Style (pearl), and 04 Green Safari (pearl). 

My favorite one is 11 Sand Dunes… it’s so beautiful.

The swatches:

Milani Shadow Eyez

1st row (left to right): Aquatic Style, Plum Amour, Golden Bronze

2nd row: Green Safari, Royal Purple, Sand Dunes

3rd row: Espresso Line


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Do you own any of these? What are your favorite shades?

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