Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review 2

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review

Product Details:

  • The primer comes in three different formulations: Smooth, Illuminate (which contains SPF) , and Redness Control (this one is tinted green).
  • It’s available at drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc. You can buy it just about anywhere.
  • The price is around $10 for 30 ml/ 1 fl oz.

Here’s what Maybelline has to say, “Visually blurs skin tone imperfections and smoothes fine lines. Primes skin for even makeup application. Weightless, water-based, non-oily. “

I do not struggle with fine lines (yet), so I cannot speak to whether or not this product smoothes them, but I can say that it does a great job of prepping my skin for foundation. It feels nice and light, as if I’m not wearing anything.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review


  • This product doesn’t really blur any of my imperfections. My skin looks about the same after application of this product as it did before.
  • The retail price is a little high for this product, considering it is a mass beauty product available at the drugstore. Keep an eye out for sales and for coupons!


  • The primer is lightweight  and blends very easily into the skin.
  • Like I mentioned previously, it does a nice job of preparing my skin for foundation. It makes my skin feel soft to the touch.
  • The three different formulations make it more likely that you’ll find one to best suit your skin.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review

I have the Blur and Smooth formulation. This is a good, basic face primer. It isn’t anything spectacular in my opinion, but it does a good job. The texture is like a light lotion, unlike many primers that contain silicones. When it comes out of the tube, the product is white, but after blended it is undetectable. I think it does help my makeup stay on longer, even though it doesn’t seem to “blur” all of my imperfections.

I do recommend this product… for some people. Primers are tricky, because they react differently to skin types, as well as the foundations worn over them… so it’s hard to recommend any one across the board. I’d say this one is worth trying out. It’s a good price and readily available, so if you’re in the market for a face primer, give this one a try (then let me know your thoughts).


What is your favorite face primer?

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My Rating: two out of three

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2 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review

  • Sherry

    Hi. I have a drawer full of different primers.
    I need one that is not drying, smooths and blurs pores and fine lines.
    I don’t expect miracles, but I do expect a primer to do what it says.
    I had forgotten I had even bought this one, until I saw your review. So I put it on today.
    I have the one you reviewed. Blur and Smooth. It IS like a lotion, so not silicone-y, not at all greasy or oily feeling. It felt like I had nothing on. I put it on over my moisturizer.
    I’ve had it on today for 7 hours. It’s not spectacular, but its good. I was hoping it would fill in my pores. It does, but if I look in my 10X magnifying mirror with my reading glasses on, it seems visible in the pores, like tiny white dots, but not as noticeable as some others I have. (It’s a good thing people don’t have that kind of vision!) However, when I looked into my Regular mirror, even with my reading glasses on, I couldn’t see the dots at all.
    I’d say it’s better than many drugstore primers.
    I do prefer a more silicone-y feeling primer, as they glide on more easily, and my foundation or CC Cream glides on more easily over them.
    My skin is 54 years old, combination w/oily t zone, and some enlarged pores in the oily t zone.
    You’re right it’s impossible to recommend one primer across the board, as there are so many different skin types, skin concerns, and foundations to go over the primer. It’s good this one comes in 3 different formulations, so the user has choices.
    I’d recommend it, especially to someone with oily skin.
    My makeup looks like it did when I put it on 7 hours ago. I haven’t had to retouch, blot, or powder.

    • Jessica Post author

      Hi Sherry! I’m so glad you’ve had success with this primer. Seriously, those magnifying mirrors are terrible! Haha… you can’t hind anything from those mirrors… Thanks for your input!