Lunch Idea: Tuna Melt with Tomato and Basil

Lunch Idea: Tuna Melt with Tomato and Basil

If you have seen any of my other lunch idea posts, then you already know how much I hate lunch. You know which lunch food I tend to hate the most? Sandwiches. Especially homemade sandwiches. I realize this looks like a sandwich, it has two pieces of bread with something in the middle, but it is NOT a sandwich. It is far more classy and tasty (at least… this is what I tell myself ;). 

Lunch Idea: Tuna Melt with Tomato and Basil

For this lunch, I started with two slices of whole wheat bread. I topped each with a mixture of hummus, Greek yogurt, and tuna. Sometimes, I add in onion, garlic, or curry powder. Yum. On top of the tun mixture, I added two mini Light Babybel Cheeses and some thinly slices tomatoes. Just sprinkle on a bit of sea salt, basil, and even Italian seasoning if you like.

Then go ahead and broil your tuna melt until the cheese melts… and it actually becomes a tuna melt. ;) 

There are lots of ways to mix up this recipe… you can add whatever seasonings you’d like to your tuna mix, use any kind of cheese, and top with as many different veggies as you want. Oh, I bet some avocado would be a grand addition! I didn’t have a lot on hand, so I kept it pretty simple this time around. 

Just pair this with your favorite piece of fruit, and you’re good to go. 

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Do you like sandwiches? What is your favorite? 

Now, I’ll admit that I do have a favorite… other than grilled cheese…and it’s at a local shop. It has chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, brie cheese, and an amazing pesto mayo sauce. Now THAT is a dang good sandwich. 

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