Lunch Idea: Chicken Veggie Salad with Fruit 1

Lunch Idea: Chicken Veggie Salad with Fruit 

This lunch idea could easily be made in advance for the week. I’ve seen so many cute photos on pinterest of mason jar salads, it looks so convenient! I’ve just started school (for Esthetics!), so I know that I’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out that idea. 

Lunch Idea: Chicken Veggie Salad with Fruit

I started with two giant handfuls of spinach and proceeded to pile on as many diced veggies as I could. Here’s what I added: mushroom, yellow bell pepper, carrots, and mini cucumbers (aren’t they adorable?!?). 

Make sure that you’re getting your protein as well, preferably a lean one, if you’re aiming to eat healthy and low-calorie like I am. I went for chicken this time, but this salad would also be grand with tuna, salmon, shrimp, tofu, ground turkey, or hard-boiled egg. Or a combination of any of those! 

Finish off your salad with a drizzle of your favorite dressing. If you want to keep it simple and super low-cal, go with some balsamic vinegar. Otherwise, just have what you like! :) 

Eat this salad along with a piece of fruit. I LOVE bananas! 

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What is your favorite fruit? What do you put on a salad to make it tasty but low calorie? I’m always looking for more ideas, please share!

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