Low Calorie Snack Idea: Cheese with Crackers

Low Calorie Snack Idea: Cheese with Crackers

I am one who LOVES my cheese and crackers. My favorite combo? Ritz crackers with sharp cheddar cheese. Yes, I know, I’m a classy lady. ;) The main problem with the above combo is that it is high in fat (thanks to the cheddar) and has no fiber (thanks to the Ritz).

Low Calorie Snack Idea: Cheese with Crackers

For a low calorie option, I chose some multi-grain crackers that have fiber and whole wheat flour and for cheese, I went with a light Babybel. It kind of makes me think of a grown-up version of string cheese. Not that anyone can outgrow string cheese…

I added a small handful of craisins for some sweetness that I often crave mid-afternoon. These go very well together, and make a satisfying little snack that I suggest you try.

On a more serious note, it really helps if you have a pretty plate to serve up whatever you’re eating. :) Make it all fancy, and you won’t feel sad that you’re not eating your favorite, high calorie version. I’m sure it’s all in my head, but I swear it helps! 

What are your favorite cheese and cracker combinations?

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