Life Update: We’re Expecting! 12

Life Update: We’re Expecting! 


Merry Christmas from the THREE of us!!!

We're pregnant!


You’re going to see some changes on the blog from here on out, so be prepared. I’m still going to cover some beauty and skin care content, but I’m also going to shift toward homemaking, motherhood, and every day life. I have lots of plans for some fun pregnancy-related blog posts to come! Look out for my first trimester must-haves, pregnancy-safe skin care, and affordable maternity clothing hauls. 


Baby Bump

Left: 12 weeks
Right: 13 weeks


I am 13 weeks along and just into my second trimester. My first trimester was pretty rough… lots of nausea and morning sickness… but I’m slowly starting to feel better more consistently. I think I will post a couple more updates on the pregnancy and baby as time goes on. 

Thanks for celebrating this wonderful news with me and my family,

jessica @ frosting&facials

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