Inspiration for DIY Projects

Inspiration for DIY Projects

I’ve been finding some really cool items around the web that have me drooling, yes, but also cringing a bit at the price tag. It’s then that I have the thought, “I wonder if I could make this myself for less money?” A side note: a majority of the items are from Anthropology. I love their home decor and furniture! 

Well, here are some of those items that have caught my eye… as well as some inexpensive basics that you can buy that are just crying out for some embellishment and personalization (i.e. almost anything from Ikea). 


How cool is this? And really, it looks totally DIYable. You could customize it to hold exactly what you need. I love how chic and modern it is. 

Inspiration for DIY Projects

This little shelf is so cute and fun! You could probably make it any size you’d like… and I seriously love the little door on it, so you can hide whatever is inside. 

Inspiration for DIY Projects

This is hands down, the most amazing desk organizer ever! It’s a bit pricey though… wouldn’t you say? This is definitely DIYable. For ideas, check out this blog:

Inspiration for DIY Projects- Codify Pencil Holder

  • LILLĂ…NGEN Wall cabinet from Ikea

I saw a great DIY using this medicine cabinet! Check it out here, it’s totally fabulous and chic: Someday, I definitely want one of these in my bathroom.

Inspiration for DIY Projects- LILLĂ…NGEN Wall cabinet with 1 door IKEA

  • RAST 3 drawer chest from Ikea

I’ve seen tons of great DIYs with this dresser… it’s super basic and inexpensive… just waiting for a paint job and some new, unique hardware! Here’s an idea that I love:

Inspiration for DIY Project- RAST 3 drawer chest

  • MALM 3 drawer chest from Ikea

The makeover that I found for this one is super basic. They took the white version and add some cool leather pulls. LOVE it! Check it here:

Inspiration for DIY Projects- MALM 3 drawer chest

What do you think? Are you all about the DIY projects, or would you rather save time and just buy the dang thing? ;)

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