How To Exfoliate For Glowing Skin 5

How To Exfoliate For Glowing Skin

How To Exfoliate For Glowing Skin

In my opinion, exfoliating is one of the best steps you can take for the health of your skin. By sloughing away dead skin cells, new cells are encouraged to take their place. Skin will be softer, clearer and brighter. The act of exfoliating followed by moisturizing will result in beautiful, glowing skin.

I’m going to discuss facial products, but these techniques and benefits apply to the skin on your body as well.

There are two kinds of exfoliants: manual and chemical. A manual exfoliant is what most people are familiar with. It’s a product with granules that are used to scrub the skin to remove the dead skin cells. This product is great for all but acneic skin types (I will talk about this more in a future post). A chemical exfoliate contains ingredients that cause a chemical reaction in the skin to dissolve the dead skin cells (I promise, the product isn’t as scary as it sounds). These are usually in toners or masks that are left on the skin for several minutes and then removed. A toner with exfoliating ingredients is a gentle way to achieve glowing skin without any harsh scrubbing.

How To Exfoliate For Glowing Skin

How To:

Start by cleansing your skin to remove makeup, oil, etc. Use a tiny amount of your scrub (like the size of a pea) to very gently rub in small circles all over your face, concentrating on areas that tend to be more dull or flakey. Rinse well and pat skin dry. Follow up with your favorite toner and moisturizer for a glowing complexion. The pumpkin scrub pictured above is an example of a product you could use. It happens to be perfect for this time of year, as it smells exactly like a pumpkin pie. :)

How To Exfoliate For Glowing Skin

If you’re using an exfoliating toner (such as the one pictured above), dispense to a cotton pad and apply onto your skin after cleansing. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. If you’re heading out for the day, please be sure to add something with a decent SPF (which is a minimum of 15)!

Feel free to add this exfoliating step into your skin care routine up to three times a week. For sensitive skin, stick to once a week. It’s important for any skin type that you don’t over exfoliate (this will hinder those lovely results you’re after and can damage the skin).


The most important step you can take for healthy skin starts in the kitchen. All of these topical products will only take you so far… and you’ll get the best results if you combine good products, consistency, and healthy eating. For some healthy recipe inspiration, check out the Aloha website. Aloha is all about adding important superfoods into your diet. Superfoods are found in fruits, vegetables, and other unprocessed foods like blueberries, salmon, and walnuts. They’re great for fighting disease, maintaining healthy weight, and yes, your beautiful, glowing skin!

What are your favorite exfoliating products?

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