Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick Nude Review

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick Nude Review

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick Nude Review

This is an all natural cosmetic company that I discovered at my local Coop Store. Their products are also available online at their website:



  • $16.95 for .13oz/3.6 grams
  • available in 25 shades on the site
  • ingredients list is available on the website to check if that is important to you :)

Here’s what Gabriel Cosmetics claims about their lipstick,

Fabulous lip color formulated with natural waxes, emollients and other plant derived conditioning ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Bisabolol to seal in moisture and protect lips from environmental aggressions.  Made from a petrochemical-free base of Candelilla Wax.  Feather resistant formula provides long lasting color and a smooth polished finish.  PABA-free. 


Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick Nude Review

I really love the color of this lipstick. It’s a medium-deep, brown-toned nude with a purple/blue pearl. I like that it’s a nude shade with a bit of an extra touch. This color isn’t very everyone though… if you like natural lip colors, then I suggest you check out a different shade from the line. 

Though there is jojoba oil as well as other ingredients that provide moisture in this lipstick, I would not say that this lipstick is moisturizing. At all. In fact, it tends to dry out my lips. This formula has pretty basic lasting powder and feels decent on the lips over all. 

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick Nude Review

To be honest, I could go either way with this lipstick. I enjoy the color a lot, so I’ll keep using it… but, as far as the formula goes, it leaves me wanting. Especially when the price is almost $17. 

Has anyone else tried this lipstick, or anything else from Gabriel Cosmetics? I’m very curious to know your thoughts on this product as well, since I’m having a hard time making up my mind. (I’m giving it 2 stars for the formula that is lame but not terrible, and an extra star for the unique color, which is my favorite part of this lipstick.)

my rating- 3 stars

Overall, I’d say that if you don’t have troubles with dry lips and if you see a shade that really catches your eye, this lipstick might be worth a try. Otherwise, I really cannot recommend this product… there are so many great lipsticks that cost less and have a fabulous formula. 

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