Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask Review

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask Review

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask Review

Product Details:

  • comes in a travel sized packet with 2-4 uses and the full size, which is 5.0 oz
  • travel size is around $1.50, full size around $4.30
  • this mask is best for oily and/or combination skin types
  • available to be purchased online on the Freeman website, at drugstores, and Walmart 

“Skin-clearing clays are whipped to an ultra-light consistency, enhancing their ability to coax impurities out of skin all without the dramatic tightening effects of traditional clay masks. Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of Salicylic Acid, exfoliates & clears pores to reveal smoother, fresher skin. Pear Extract has astringent benefits to help minimize pore visibility for a perfected surface, and refreshing Tea Tree removes impurities without over-drying skin. Perfect for oily and combination skin.”

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask Review

This mask has a super long ingredient list, but since ingredients are listed from highest percentage to lowest, I’ll talk about the first few…

  • water: This is often the first and main ingredient, basically used as a “filler”. 
  • Bentonite: An absorbent clay packed with minerals. It is used to reduce acne and inflammation. 
  • Titanium Dioxide: This is an active ingredient used in sunscreen, for this product, however, it is used as a thickener and emulsifier. 
  • Glycerin: This substance is found naturally in the skin, and it helps guard against dryness. 
  • Diazolidinyl Urea: A preservative that is not harmful to the skin. 
  • Pyrus Communis (Pear) Fruit Extract: This conditions and protects the skin. 

A great online resource for skin care ingredients is Paula’s Choice. If you ever have a question about a certain ingredient, you can easily search for it on that website (of course, please feel free to ask me about it as well!!). 

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask Review

My personal experience…

The main negative characteristic of this mask is that it contains both fragrance and color. I really dislike the addition of these ingredients in my skin care products. However, with that said, I do not mind them as much in products that are rinsed off of the skin, like cleansers, masks, and scrubs, because the irritants are not in contact with the skin for an extended amount of time.

I found that my skin was maybe a bit softer after use of this mask… but this was hardly notable. I didn’t seem to reap any apparent benefits from the use of this product. It might be something that would be beneficial over time, but I cannot give you a definitive opinion. I can tell you that I will not be purchasing this in the full size for further use.   

My final thoughts

This mask would have a better score if it didn’t contain the added fragrance and color ingredients, as I mentioned previously. Overall, I just wasn’t “wowed” by this product. There are other masks out there that I would quickly give my “stamp” of approval, and this one just didn’t make the cut. It certainly isn’t terrible… so if you still find yourself wanting to give this a try, go ahead and grab the travel packet and create your own opinion (and leave a comment to share it). 

For those of you with combo, oily, and/or acne-prone skin, the ingredient Bentonite will be useful. I’d recommend finding another mask or product that contains this clay. 

my rating 2.5

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