Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals 2

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals

To save some money on our two week trip to Iceland, we packed freeze dried meals for our dinner. My husband and I quickly discovered our favorites of the bunch, so I thought I’d share them. There are lots of so-so freeze dried meals, and I’ve even experienced a couple that I didn’t care for at all. (Perhaps I’ll mention those at the end, so you know which ones to avoid!)

Unfortunately, it is necessary for me to use the stock photos of these meals, since we already ate them. I didn’t think of posting a review until it was too late to photograph them. Next time, I’ll be sure to take some pictures if I do any more reviews! You’ll notice that four of the five meals are by Mountain House. From our experience, this brand was the best. We tried meals by Backpacker’s Pantry and Bannock as well, but they just weren’t as good in our opinion. 


I’m considering purchasing a food dehydrator so that I can put together these meals myself, but for now, these meals are the ones that we’ll be buying and eating on future camping trips: 

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals

1. Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese

This meal was so creamy and comforting… it was perfect for dinner on a cold day camping away from home. I’m sure you could elevate it with a couple of sliced, campfire roasted hot dogs. ;) 

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals: macaroni and cheese


2. Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce

This is like a lasagna soup. It has great flavor, and the texture of the noodles and the meat was wonderful. We ate this twice, and will certainly purchase it again for our next trip. 

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals: lasagna


3. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

The stroganoff was rich and creamy, had great flavor and texture. You can certainly tell that the beef is freeze-dried, but it was still pretty good. We loved this one after a day of hiking. 

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals: beef stroganoff


4. Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings with Vegetables

Another cozy, comfort food meal! The dumplings were certainly my favorite… they didn’t at all seem freeze-dried, while the carrots and peas definitely had that texture. It didn’t bother me though, because the stew was so creamy. 

Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals: chicken and dumplings


5. Backpacker’s Pantry: Pesto Salmon with Pasta

This was surprisingly tasty! The salmon is packaged separately, and is not freeze-dried (yum!!), which I think is why this recipe is a winner. The pesto and olive oil give the salmon and pasta excellent flavor. This one is a bit more expensive compared to the others, but it truly does feel like a treat. :) 

Backpacker's Pantry:


Meals that were “meh”:

These were just ok for us… good, not great, so we won’t repurchase them in the future. You might still enjoy these, and some of them could be improved with the addition of seasonings. 

  • Bannock Asiago Pasta Primavera with Chicken- bland
  • Mountain House Rice and Chicken- bland
  • Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice- bland and a bit soupy 


Meals to avoid (or meals that were gross):

I’d recommend you skip these… they just weren’t good! 

  • Bannock Smoked Beans and Rice with Chicken- bad flavor and texture (the rice did not cook evenly!)
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Pad Thai- bad, strange flavor (totally disappointing for those of us who love pad thai!) 


I hope you found these reviews helpful, and that you’ll be happy with whichever meals you purchase for your next camping or backpacking trip! I recommend you buy these at Amazon, where they are the most inexpensive, unless you can wait for a sale at a store that sells them in your area. I bought several of ours at Fred Meyer, when they were on a buy one, get one free sale. 

Which freeze dried meals or camping recipes are your favorite? Please do share! :) 

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Freeze Dried Camping Meals

  • Hello Kaily

    I actually really enjoyed this post :) I’ve never tried freeze-dried food before but I was reading on their site that this stuff is preserved for like 12+ years which makes it ideal if you live in Florida like me where hurricanes are always a worry. I will definitely never go camping though, lol. Are you planning on sharing a post of your trip!?

    • Jessica Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Kaily! I am planning on doing a post about our trip… It should be ready soon-ish. ;) Thanks for your comment!!