Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches 2

These are my picks for this fall season! I am not much of a believer in following makeup “rules” or anything like that… but I do see the change of season as a fun way to change up my makeup. I think fall is my favorite time of year for makeup (and fashion, too!). I love dark lips, warm smokey eyes, metallics… fresh, bright cheeks. Ahhh….

Anyways… I wanted to share some of my Fall Eye Makeup favorites with you… maybe you own these and will pull them out and use them… or maybe you’ll just get some inspiration for your own ideas of what you’d like to purchase.

1. Sonia Kashuk: Moroccan Dunes Palette

Metallics are huge this year for fall and winter (as they usually are). These shades are perfect for that trend… to give you fun, but neutral, shimmer on your lids. You could create a great smokey eye with this, or do something for subtle, and pair it with a dark berry lip.

Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches- Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes

2. Sonia Kashuk: Eye on Dazzling Palette

This is filled with rich, jewel shades as well as some shimmery ones to give you that metallic, wet look on your lids. This palette is just classic fall if you ask me. If you cannot find this one from last year, there is a new limited edition version for this year that looks beautiful as well.

Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches- Sonia Kashuk Eye on Dazzling

3. Sonia Kashuk: Jewel of An Eye Palette

This is SK’s limited edition eye shadow palette for fall this year. It has stunning jewel tones (hence the name!) that look beautiful on the lids. I got this one on clearance at Target… and if you cannot find it in stores, I’m pretty sure you can buy it online. I think this one is even better than last year’s… definitely worth every penny!

Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches- Sonia Kashuk Jewel of An Eye

4. Urban Decay: Naked Palette

This is a classic neutral palette that has lots of warm eye shadows. This is great for any time of the year, and there are tons of different smokey looks you could create with it. This is basically a must-have for any beauty junkie.

Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches- Urban Decay Naked

5. Jasmine Storylook Palette

This palette has some fantastic warm shades that scream fall to me! If you own it, don’t forget about it when you’re shopping your stash for fall treasures. : ) I just swatched some of the fall-ish shades.

Fall Eye Makeup: Favorites & Swatches- Jasmine Storylook

What are your favorite eye shadow palettes for fall?

Comments, questions? Please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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