Eyebrow Grooming Tips

This is a quick post about the importance of brow grooming. I might seem a bit repetitive, but it’s because I frequently see the same mistakes… and they’re so easily corrected! 

You’ll easily see the importance of grooming your brows in my before and after photos below. Your brows frame your eyes, and well-defined brows can really create the look of being put-together without any extra effort. It’s especially important to take care of your brows if you don’t like to wear makeup, because they’ll be even more of a focal point.

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

My Eyebrow Grooming Tips:

1.If you’ve never had your brows shaped, I’d recommend having them shaped (waxed, tweezed, threaded) professionally. This will help you see the initial shape you should go for and maintain your brows. 

2.Here’s a little chart to help you see the shape for the most flattering brows: The key is to draw a straight line from where your nose would be pierced. If it isn’t, just use your imagination! 

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

3.It’s very important that you do no over-tweeze your brows! This is something I see time and time again, and it is so unflattering! If you’re ever in doubt about a hair, please leave it alone! If your brows start too far apart, your eyes will look further apart, and it will look like you have a surprised expression. Use a pencil or a pen and try mapping out your brows like the photo above, and if your brows don’t reach the line, let them grow in. It will be annoying, but so worth it. 

4. I didn’t include the arch in my map, because some arches naturally fall in different places. I think it’s so important to keep your brows as natural as possible. 

5. Natural and full brows are the most youthful. Isn’t that reason enough to take good care of them? ;) Brows that are thin and have a very high arch will age you. This look is very outdated, and more importantly, unflattering. 

6. I like to use tweezers to take care of any stray hairs along the lower part of my brows. Then, I brush the hairs up and I carefully trim them. This step will not be necessary for everyone, but for those of us who can grow long brow hair, it will make a huge difference! I refrain from brushing down and trimming, because it is far too easy to trim too much and cause sparse spots. Yikes! I also refrain from tweezing above the brow. It is just too easy to tweeze too much. 

7. There is no need to use a super magnified mirror when you’re tweezing. No one is looking at you that closely. ;) If you insist on a magnified mirror, step back frequently so you can get a look at the over all effect. It is easy to get carried away with tweezing when you are so close. Before you know it, your brows will be gone! 

8. Lastly, I like to fill my brows in. This isn’t always a necessary step if your brows are naturally full. If this is the case, use a tinted brow gel to brush hairs into place. I like to use a pencil, but you can use pomades and powders as well. Always be sure to use the least amount of product needed and blend, blend, blend! Brows that are filled in with dramatic, sharp edges only draw attention to themselves, not to the eyes which they are meant to frame. Do you want the first thing someone notices to be your eyes or your eye brows? 


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Check back again for a post featuring my favorite brow products!!

Do you maintain your brows yourself or do you go to a professional? please share. 

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