Eye Shadow Color- Combo Book

Lately I’ve been working on a wardrobe “look book” (because I am a NERD), of the clothes I have. I really love putting outfits together, but only when I feel “inspired”… on the other days, I have no idea of what to wear. This is my solution… put together outfits when I am inspired, then file them away so I can look at them later when I need to get dressed. Anyways, that is another post for another day.

This is a look book of eye shadow color combinations. It works the same way as the one for clothes. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of wearing the same eye shadow every day… which is fine if that is what you like… but I have so many colors and fun shades. I want to USE all of what I have! Otherwise, why have it? This little book reminds me of the fun colors that I own, and combo ideas I have thought of or have seen on people or in photos.



I wrote the brand and shade name with each swatch so I’d know which color it is, and from which palette. Yep, rocket science right here.

(I ended up covering each page with packing tape, because the colors started to blend together.)

Well, there ya have it… my little book of colors. : )


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