experimenting: elmer’s glue “pore strips” 2

I kept seeing photos/YouTube videos of girls slathering their noses with Elmer’s Glue, and then peeling it off. They claimed that it would remove all of their blackheads, just like those Biore Nose Strips. (at Walmart)


Unfortunately, I have not tried the Biore Strips, so I cannot compare them to the glue method. I can, however, tell you if my blackheads were removed.

So, I bravely slathered a thick layer of the glue on my nose and area around my nose, as well as my chin. (Yeah, there are several “black head cities” on my face.)


After I let it dry completely, I peeled it off, trying my best to keep it in one piece. I think the thick layer helped with that. Did it hurt? Yes… not too bad, but enough to make my eyes water.


Did it work? Sort of. It did have some residue on the glue when I peeled it off… so it definitely did something. Were all my blackheads gone? Not even close. Perhaps I need to do this a few more times (with a week or so in between) for it to be effective. Not sure. I think I might try those strips out and see how they do. Then I could compare the methods.

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