e.l.f. Black Studio Cream Eyeliner Review

e.l.f. Black Studio Cream Eyeliner Review

It’s been a while since I’ve used a cream eyeliner. I had one a few years back, but it dried up and I never replaced it. I wanted to pick up another one to create spider webs all over my face and neck for my Halloween costume this year. Yes, it’s pretty exciting. I didn’t want to spend a lot, so I knew e.l.f. would probably be my best bet. I’ve been using it as eyeliner until Halloween, and I’ve actually been enjoying it.

e.l.f. Black Studio Cream Eyeliner Review


  • Available in 7 different shades.
  • Retails for $3.00, no matter where you live (e.l.f. products tend to be priced consistently)
  • Can be purchased on the e.l.f. website, Walmart, and Target.

Here’s what e.l.f. has to say, “The cream formula creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against sweat, tears or rain! Achieve thin or bold lines with ease. Slanted Eyeliner Brush included.”

e.l.f. Black Studio Cream Eyeliner Review


  • The little brush that comes along with the liner is not great. You’ll definitely need a different liner brush to apply this eyeliner.
  • I don’t find this product to be very long-wearing and water-resistant. I haven’t had any major issues, but the product tends to wear off/smudge off near the end of the day.


  • This liner is very smooth and nicely pigmented. It doesn’t require me to build it up for a nice, black line.
  • With the e.l.f. Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush, it’s fairly easy to apply. (Compared to a pencil liner, there is still a bit of a learning curve.)
  • The price for this product is fantastic!

e.l.f. Black Studio Cream Eyeliner Review

All e.l.f. products are known for inexpensive prices, and some of them are hit or miss, in my experience, but I’d say this one is a hit. Don’t plan to wear it to a pool party or on your longest, hardest days, because it can’t take the heat. For every day wear, this is a great, basic black eyeliner that I think is worth giving a try.

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My Rating: two out of three

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