Dollar Store Facial Pads Review 3

Dollar Store Facial Pads Review

Am I the only one who loves browsing my local Dollar Tree? Well… I was doing so the other day, and these little face pad/ scrubbies caught my eye. They come in a pack of three for… yep, you guessed it… $1. 

Dollar Store Facial Pads Review

Each pad has two sides, a soft side that resembles a wash cloth and a side with a bit of netting, useful for physical exfoliation. I like to use the softer side to help remove makeup and cleanse my skin. I use the rough side with my normal cleanser on areas that could use some extra tlc. 

Dollar Store Facial Pads Review

As far as washing the pads, the directions printed on the package say to hand wash. On a whim, I decided to toss one of them in the washing machine to see if it would hold up. Guess what…? It worked just fine. I’ve only washed each pad once or twice, so I don’t know how long they’ll last over time, but at about .30 cents apiece, it’s no big deal. ;) 

my rating- 4 stars

Overall, I would totally recommend these! If you have a Dollar Tree near you, grab them and give them a try. 

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3 thoughts on “Dollar Store Facial Pads Review

  • Sherry

    Hi, Jessica. Whatever your foundation is in your photo beside “Hey Friends, I’m Jessica!” is perfect. What were you wearing that day? And if you set it with powder, what band did you use? Also love the pinky orchid-y lips. Please let me know if you can remember what products and colors you were wearing that day. We have the same fair skin so I am enjoying reading your product reviews. You’ve saved me some money and turned me on to some products I had been on the fence about. And I have found some cool deals at Dollar Tree, too. Peace and happiness to you! Sherry Lee of Virginia

    • Jessica Post author

      Hi Sherry! Thank you SO much for your comment and kind words! You’ve totally made my day! :) In regards to that foundation you were curious about, I did a little research. Unfortunately, that was so long ago that I cannot be sure, but it was probably either Benefit’s Some Kinda Gorgeous or Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. I doubt that I set it with powder, because I dislike the look of powder on skin. I’m sorry that I cannot give you any more direction than that! I feel like foundation is all about trial and error… it can be so tricky to get that natural, even coverage… which is why I always save my receipt, just in case. ;) I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions for me!