DIY Travel “Earring Book”

I am currently so into these super easy, quick sewing projects. I suppose when you start with zero sewing experience, these sort of projects are the way to start. I’m getting in good experience before I try to tackle a clothing sewing project or something.

Anyways, this was fun and quick to make, and is super practical for travel! I’m loving this little “book”. P1040240





It would be a good idea to add a ribbon to this book to tie it closed… especially if you like to pack lots of earrings! A girl’s gotta have options! : )

Here is my inspiration for this project (should I even mention that I saw it on pinterest??): Here is her “tutorial”: Earring Book

My only concern with the way she uses hers, is that the earrings will be damaged when they’re rubbing together like this… which is why I kept mine to a minimum and on one side of the page. I just added a few more pages to my book so it could still hold a decent amount of earrings.

Thanks for reading, Jess

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