Spa Day Sunday: DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Exfoliating is a key factor in healthy skin care. This simple DIY recipe is considered a mechanical exfoliate, because it contains granules that are used to physically scrub the skin and slough off dead skin cells. I highly recommend you exfoliate each time you bathe or shower for best results.  

DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Olive oil is wonderfully hydrating for the skin. Sugar is both moisturizing and exfoliating, due to the granules. I suggest using a larger granule, a smaller size can cause micro-tears in the skin, which is too harsh.

Feel free to use whatever ratio you like…. more oil, more sugar, or equal parts oil and sugar.

Coconut oil can be replaced with olive oil, if you’d like. Salt can replace the sugar… it is especially nice for those with more oily skin. Salt scrubs are a bit more aggressive and more effective, since oily skin tends to be thicker. 

Have fun with your concoction, and enjoy the benefits of smooth skin! Let me know what you think!!


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Do you have a favorite store-bought body scrub? Please share!!

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