Depotting Lipstick: How to Organize Your Makeup Stash 3

Depotting lipstick can be a great and inexpensive way to save space and organize your makeup stash…
Depotting Lipstick

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about better ways to store my makeup… ways to simplify and consolidate my products so they take up the least amount of space possible.

I saw on pinterest (of course), a photo of this same bead organizer filled with de-potted lipsticks. (Here’s the blog post.) It took me a while of waffling back and fourth before I finally decided to go for it and buy the organizers, and cut up my beloved lipsticks! I will admit that I have very few high end lipsticks… and I did not depot those. Maybe I will eventually, but for now, they are just too special to me in their original packaging. : )

depot lipstick and organize your makeup

I melted the lipsticks so they would look smooth and nice in the little pots… and I love looking at them! This also helps me see which color families I don’t own, so I can expand my color range if I want. (And of course I want to…! A great orange and some more classic red shades are now on my list!)

depotting lipstick

depotting lipstick

depotting lipsticks

I peeled the little stickers off the bottom of each lipstick tube, so I know which brand and shade each color is. For blogging purposes, I want to know which shades I’m showing you for recommendations. It’s also nice to know the colors if you’re doing someone else’s makeup, in case they decide they want to own the shade as well.

depotting lipstick and organizing makeup

I feel so professional when I break out my little lip brush now. : )

Check out these reviews I have written on some of my favorite lipsticks:

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Here’s another post where I did something similar. This one is a small, travel friendly palette with my favorite lipstick shades.

Which storage solutions have you found for your makeup collection? I’d love to know!

Depotting Lipstick

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