My Bubble Bath Essentials

My Bubble Bath Essentials

My Bubble Bath Essentials 

I am a huge fan of bubble baths. Next to my bed (of course), it’s my favorite place in the world! When I need to blow off some steam, relax, or don’t feel well, I just slip beneath the bubbles and all is right with the world for a little while. The bathroom becomes my haven with the warm water, a great book, or an intriguing Netflix series. :) 

I like to make every bath a luxurious spa experience, and these are the items and products that I like to incorporate for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

My Bubble Bath Essentials

1. Candle

One, or multiple candles add to that cozy, relaxing atmosphere we’re going for. I avoid overhead lighting at all cost! Go for several tea lights placed all around the bathroom or for a larger, scented candle with a relaxing fragrance. 

2. Face Mask

Depending upon the current needs of my skin, I’ll use a sheet mask or a clay mask. I like to keep a bowl of water next to the tub so I can use clean water to remove the product if I use the clay mask. Pictured above is a sample size Glow Mud Mask by Pixi and a Milk Face Mask by The Creme Shop. (I haven’t used the sheet mask yet, so I cannot share my opinion, but my initial impression of the Pixi mud mask is a good one for those who do not have dry or sensitive skin.)


My Bubble Bath Essentials

3. Bath Salts

My favorite is by Dr Teal’s (more specifically, the Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution). I generally prefer the unscented kind, but this one is nice too. With a quick stir, these salts dissolve nicely into my bath water. 

4. Bubbles

Like the bath salts, my favorite bubbles are by Dr Teals (Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath). This brand is the best! The bubbles are substantial, they last for a long time, and the scent options are lovely. My favorites are Eucalyptus & Spearmint (great for headaches), Lavender, and Milk & Honey. 


My Bubble Bath Essentials

5. Body Scrub

A bath is a perfect time to give yourself a good scrub down from head (neck, actually) to toe! I like a scrub that leaves behind a light oily residue. It makes my skin feel wonderfully moisturized after I’ve toweled off. This of course, doesn’t mean you should skip your body lotion if you live in a dry climate or have mature skin! This one is available at Trader Joe’s, but you can use just about any kind of scrub, as they basically all work the same. Check out these two blog posts if you’re interested in making your own scrub: DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub and DIY Coconut Coffee Body Scrub.

6. Pumice Stone

I use this year round, because I like to have soft feet. :) Pay special attention to your heels! I always do this step last so my feet have plenty of time to soften. Follow up with a rich, creamy moisturizer right before bed. 


Bonus: a cozy cup of tea or glass of wine (or both!) 

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Which products or rituals do you incorporate into your own spa evening of relaxation? Please share! 

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