Breakfast Idea: Veggie Scramble with Toast

Breakfast Idea: Veggie Scramble with Toast

This breakfast idea is super simple and quick to throw together. It also happens to be low in calories and high in protein. It’s great for those of us who are trying to shed those last couple of pounds before bikini season really kicks in. ;) 

Breakfast Idea: Veggie Scramble with Toast

I scrambled one egg and one egg white along with whatever veggies I had on hand. This time I used: green bell peppers, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. I like to keep a little container of diced veggies in the fridge specifically to add to scrambles. This just makes it even faster to prepare. 

To complete my meal, I toasted a whole wheat sandwich thin (I get a big bag of these at Costco) and topped it with PB2 and a banana. You could also have this with almond butter or regular peanut butter. 

PB2 is basically a powdered peanut butter. I know, it sounds totally awful… especially to those of us who ADORE peanut butter, but it really isn’t all that bad. It’s less than half the calories and is filled with protein. Sometimes, I’ll mix up some of this, and then add just a bit of real peanut butter to it. That way, I can have MORE! ;) There is a version of PB2 with chocolate… and I may just have to try that one soon. Very soon. 

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What is your quick and healthy go-to breakfast?? I’d love to know!

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