Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Review 2

Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous. The Foundation Faker…

Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous

  • available at, Ulta, Sephora
  • $30 for .34 oz/ 9.5 g
  • comes in 3 shades: lite, medium, deep

I have the mini size… it’s .06 oz/ 1.8 g, and I think I paid about $8-$10 at Ulta. (Maybe I got it in a set…)  I was able to get several wears out of this delux sample size, which is pretty decent.

Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous

I was quite surprised to find that I really do enjoy this foundation.

  • it blends very easily and was not streaky when I applied it
  • it has a very natural finish that does not look powdery- especially when you only apply one layer
  • it sets well, feels nice, and isn’t tacky at all
  • it has a light coverage, but is build-able to a medium coverage

Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous

Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous

When I applied it, I discovered that when I “buffed” it in with my brush, I didn’t enjoy the finish as much. If my skin was dry at all, it caused a form of “micro- exfoliation” and my skin appeared to be flaky. When I applied the foundation, moving my brush in downward strokes, I really enjoyed the finish. (I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, available at Ulta.)

Benefit- Nakey, 1 Layer, 2 Layers (1)


This is after one layer of foundation… (please note: I am wearing a concealer under my eyes as well.)Benefit- 1 Layer

This is after two layers of foundation…

Benefit- 2 LayersI didn’t set this foundation with a powder to see how long there wear time would be. I did, however, apply Benefit That Gal Primer underneath. (That primer is not meant to be long-wearing.) The foundation looked fresh and nice for about 5 hours. After that, it started to break down a bit. It wasn’t patchy or anything, so it wasn’t obnoxious looking as it started to wear off.

I wore this again the next day, and I used the Smashbox Photo Finish (original) primer, and I set it with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. With the long-wear primer and the powder, I got about 8 hours of wear before the foundation started breaking down.

There are a couple of negatives to this product…

  • it might be hard to find a shade that matches your skin tone since it only comes in 3 shades
  • it is a bit expensive… and there is not a lot of product inside

my rating- 4 stars

Would I purchase a full-size? Well… perhaps when I am no longer on such a tight budget, I would. I cannot justify the price at this point… but I do really like this foundation! It’s so quick and easy to apply, and I do like how it looks on my skin. For being a cream product, it is not at all heavy feeling.

If you have the wiggle room in your budget, I think you should go for it! I’m not sure how this would work for oily skin, since mine is normal… so that might be something to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing this product.


Have you tried any of Benefit’s foundations? How do you feel about cream foundations? 

Thanks for reading!!

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