How to Apply Eye Cream (the right way!) 4

How to Apply Eye Cream (the right way)

I recently started school for esthetics, and I’ve been learning crazy awesome stuff, so I thought I’d spread the knowledge and share a tip with you. 

How to Apply Eye Cream

For this tutorial I will demonstrate the technique for proper eye cream application using It’s Potent! Eye Cream by Benefit Cosmetics. Don’t you just love that packaging? It’s simply too adorable to pass up! 

How to Apply Eye Cream


1. Use only a small amount of product. Eye creams are more expensive (partly) because they are formulated with smaller molecules so they can penetrate the delicate skin in the eye are. Yeah, we’re gettin’ a bit scientific up in here. ;) 

2. Apply the product with your ring finger. It is your weakest finger, so as you apply, there will be the least amount of disturbance to the skin, which, like I mentioned in step 1, is very delicate. 

How to Apply Eye Cream


3. Lightly and gently spread product along orbital bone/cheek bone area, but not any closer to the eye. The dots in the photo bellow demonstrate the ONLY place you should apply your eye cream. 

How to Apply Eye Cream

WHY does it matter?? I’m glad you asked!! The skin around your eyes is like tissue paper. You can wet one part of the tissue, and the moisture spreads… it works the same way with product under your eyes. Even if you don’t apply product all the way up to your lower lash line, some of your eye cream will spread to the area. 

What happens if you just apply your eye cream all the way up to your lower lash line? Over time, the product will build up. You’ll get tiny little bumps under your eyes that can only be removed by having them surgically drained. NO THANKS! 

Most skin care is about prevention… the goal is for the healthiest, youngest-looking skin and you want your application of product to work with you, rather than against you. :) 


I hope you found this tip helpful.

If you have any questions, please let me know!! 

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