What to say about myself? I grew up in Western Washington, and moved to Montana. Never thought I’d live here, but I must admit… I love it! (Although, I think I’ll always be more of a “city girl” at heart.)  I married the love of my life in July of 2011, and I am so thankful for the many ways that God has blessed me!

So, here’s the deal…two of my favorite things (which of course come after God, my husband, family and friends ;) are makeup and food. I really love to try out new products and techniques… and I sincerely enjoy applying makeup each day. I also really, really love to eat. Cooking and baking logically lead directly to eating… which is obviously why I enjoy the cooking and baking. : )

I’ve started this blog to share makeup ideas, tips, favorites, and product reviews from the view of a licensed esthetician. I look forward to sharing my education and experience with you! I hope you enjoy your visit here, and share what you know and love with me!


Meet Jessica

Photo Credit: Naomi Nadeen Photography

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