Baby Girl Clothing Haul 2
I went grocery shopping this morning… and now that we know we’re having a GIRL, I let myself wander the […]

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

My Favorite Lavender Products 2
I am one of lavender’s biggest fans. A fanatic, quite possibly. I could be the president of The Official Lavender […]

My Favorite Lavender Products

My Bubble Bath Essentials
My Bubble Bath Essentials  I am a huge fan of bubble baths. Next to my bed (of course), it’s my […]

My Bubble Bath Essentials

Camping Skin Care Routine
Nope, you’re not off the hook when you’re camping or on vacation… you’ve still got to take care of your […]

Camping Skin Care Routine

Camping Makeup Routine 2
It seems that there are three different kinds of camping gals. There are those who like to “rough it”, and […]

Camping Makeup Routine

Runner's Nut Granola Recipe
  I love tasty granola… and I usually buy it, because making it always seemed like too much effort. Yeah, […]

Runner’s Nut Granola Recipe